Hymn of the week

This may or may not become a weekly occurrence, but perhaps a little bit of structure in my blog posts will help keep my ideas flowing.

I got a few shivers up my spine while singing the third verse of the opening hymn at Cathedral of the Holy Cross (my catholic guilty pleasure).  It’s not nearly the same to read the text alone, so you’ll have to imagine a hearty German choir and organ with soaring phrases that rise and fall with each line.

Then all my gladsome way along, I sing aloud thy praises
That all may hear the grateful song, My voice rejoicing raises
Be joyful in the Lord, my heart, Both soul and body take your part:

To God all praise and glory!

We sang four of the original nine (yes nine … lutherans loved their hymn singin!) stanzas, which all end with the stately refrain “To God all praise and glory!”.  Check this blog post for an explanation of each stanza, which praise God for one of His many characteristics.

Author: adamkurihara

Minister of Worship Arts at NSCBC in Beverly, MA

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