I love to write music for the church. My choral music aims to be accessible for the amateur church choir, and this music is free to use for the local church. If you decided to use any of this music, just drop me a note!

Choral Music

Love (III) (2018)

For piano and choir SATB


Text by George Herbert

Full Score (PDF) 

The Valley of Vision (2014)

For piano and choir SATB


Text from the the Valley of Vision,  a puritan prayer book by Arthur Bennet

Full Score (PDF)


Heart with Loving Heart United (2015)

Author: Nicolaus Ludwig, Graf von Zinzendorf • Translator: Walter Klaassen

A joyful tune setting a text about Christian unity, service to each other, and fellowship. Written for the congregation at Trinitarian Congregational Church and given the tune name WAYLAND.

Heart with loving heart united,
met to know God’s holy will.
Let his love in us ignited
more and more our spirits fill.
He the Head, we are his members;
we reflect the light he is.
He the Master, we disciples,
he is ours an we are his.

May we all so love each other
and all selfish claims deny,
so that each one for the other
will not hesitate to die.
Even so our Lord has loved us;
for our lives he gave his life.
Still he grieves and still he suffers,
for our selfishness and strife.

Since, O Lord, you have demanded
that our lives your love should show
so we wait to be commanded
forth into your world to go.
Kindle is us love’s compassion
so that ev’ryone may see
in our faith and hope the promise
of a new humanity.

SATB Score (pdf)

Bulletin Copy – melody only (pdf)