I also design things for my church and friends. I try to capture the spirit of the event or sermon series in each unique design, with a mind toward the target audience and demographic.

Event Posters

Various events, concerts, and talks at Trinitarian Congregational Church

Sermon Series Graphics

Advent and Christmas Designs

Holy Week 2017

Designed in collaboration with Susan Foster, who is a visual artist at the church. Susan designed the iconography using cut plaster that was stamped with ink onto paper. The resulting image was scanned and integrated into the graphics throughout the church.

Wayland aLive Concert Series

A concert series I created and ran for several years.

 Special projects

The Last Laugh Album Art

Created album artwork for The Last Laugh by songwriter and friend Ben Keyes in 2013.

Advent Devotional

A devotional created in 2016 that drew from the congregation for daily devotions throughout the Advent season. See the whole devotional here (pdf)

Annual Report 2017

Made in collaboration with the Executive Director, Senior Pastor, and Moderator. View the whole annual report here (pdf)

Bulletins and Programs

Jubilate Concert Program

Jubilate Concert Program (pdf)

Senior Pastor Installation Service


L’Abri Events and Lectures

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