A successful website communicates values directly to the user with graphics, layout, colors, site structure, and overall style. The user interface should fade into the background, drawing attention to important elements and staying out of the way of content. I love designing websites, and am passionate about creating simple but robust websites at low cost for churches and faith based organizations.


Designed in 2021 in collaboration with a Theology professor, kinisitheology.com was a brand new design for a new public theology project. In addition to the actual design on the Squarespace platform, I created a promo video and visual identity including a custom logo, and also helped with copy-writing, branding, and strategy. 


Artist and spiritual director website built (for my wife!) on squarespace with eCommerce and social media marketing features. I also did photography and image editing to color match photos of Shauna’s original artwork to make the site feel cohesive.



Designed in 2018, this refreshed church website brought lightness, clarity, and a full set of features built on the WordPress platform with a handful of useful plugins. Integrating weekly blog posts, pastor’s notes, and video testimonies brought a new level of fresh content to the previously stagnant website. The site refresh has averaged 2,383 views per month compared to last years average of 1,594 views per month over the same time period, an increase of 50%.


Plugins used:

Events Calendar PRO

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