Ordinary Time Advent EP 2021

Dec 10 Concert
Recording Strings, October 2021

This past year I’ve been working on a project with independent folk trio Ordinary Time – a band whose sound ranges from bluegrass-tinged Americana to sacred harp hymn arrangements. I first got to know them through one of the band members who attends my church. After hearing their music over the years, occasionally using it in worship services and hosting them for concerts back in 2016 and 2019, I asked if they would be interested in producing a new album of their original music with my arrangements for string quartet. They were excited about the idea – this album is the result of that work!

Writing many of the parts happened in preparation for their 2019 concert at TCC, recording happened in fall of 2021. With the band spread out across North America, we layed base tracks and then recorded each in their own locations, finally mixing together. After the trio recorded their parts, I brought in a string quartet to add the new arrangements, and added my own organ and piano parts on top.

We like to share! String quartet arrangements are here:

All Shall Be Well

Angels We Have Heard

Come To Us Immanuel

Flight to Egypt

Mary’s Song

Shepherd Song

Zechariah’s Song


Full Live Concert

Author: adamkurihara

Minister of Worship Arts at NSCBC in Beverly, MA

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