And what would the internet be without the sharing of links?  Here’s a collection of things that I read/watch/consume on a fairly regular basis.  I hope you find something here that interests you.

Important Things:


Greg Sandow and the Future of Classical Music – Awesome and somewhat pessimistic blog about music reception, audiences, and the future of classical music in the US.

Alex Ross: The Rest is Noise – Columnist from the New York Times writes on contemporary classical music

Naïve Classics – Record Label from France

Dial “M” for Musicology – Musings from two musicologists about the emerging field of musicology.

This Blog Will Change The World – Organist from New York discusses music and sometimes theology.

Sacred Music:

New Liturgical Movement – Videos, words, and pictures on architecture, visual art, music, and words in worship

The Chant Café – Excellent articles about the beautiful idiosyncrasies of chant in the Catholic Church

MusicaSacra – Blog of the Church Music Association of America

Bad Things in New Hymn Books – Criticism of the “modernization” of the language of hymns


The Gospel Coalition – Thoughts on the bible and theology for the 21st century

Off Topic:


Gizmodo – By gadget geeks for gadget geeks

Lifehacker – Productivity and “life-hacks”

Boy Genius Report – Latest rumors on gadgets

Crackberry – Self explanatory

Uncatagorizable (ok that’s not a word):

Boing Boing



And here are my friends who also do things on the internet.  Let me know if you’re my friend and want to be added to this list.


Bridget Callahan – Violist in Chicago, Illinois

Jason Carini – Attorney in Santa Barbara, California

Calisa Hildebrand – Flutist in San Francisco, California

Anthony Kim – Pianist and Conductor in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Christine Kurihara – Mom in Palo Alto, California

Will Magid – Trumpet in San Francisco, California

Helena von Rueden – Choral Conductor in Santa Barbara, California

Katherine Saxon – Composer in Santa Barbara, California

Luke Taylor – Composer in Santa Barbara, California

Alexa Wan – Photographer in Misawa City, Japan

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