Blogging with the anglicans, part II – Lent 27 (John 9)

For judgment I have come into this world, so that the blind will see and those who see will become blind (John 9:39)

Why does God allow bad things to happen to good people? This is one of those fundamental questions we all have, and indeed why some skeptics have yet to place faith in Jesus. A simple, powerful doubt about God and the nature of the universe: “If God is good, why does suffering exist?”

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Amos on worship and Repentance

Juan de Borgona, The Prophet Amos, Museo Catedralico, Cuenca, 1535

Hey Blog Readers,

This fall I started a discipleship cohort at Church of the Cross, Boston. The group is designed to help us to engage with key issues in our world through the study of both Biblical and non-Biblical texts. The 14 of us will meet monthly to discuss and debate issues such as Politics, authority of scripture, absolutism (is there only one true religion?), Sexuality and Gender, and more. Fun!

This month we are reading Amos, a book that this worship leader has very mixed feelings about.




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Bloggin with the anglicans

Church of the Cross

I wrote a post this week for the blog at Church of the Cross. Three times each week during lent, someone from the community writes a short reflection on the lectionary readings for the day. Yesterday was my day! Check it out…

The heart for the city is beating hard at CotC. It’s about to break. Our prayer focus last Sunday on human trafficking, the seminar lead by Robbie and Ellen on homelessness after the service, and the thoughtful work of SWC (Seeking the Welfare of the City) all cry out for God’s mercy to flow and His grace to abound in our city…

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