Corporate Worship and the body

If you read the Psalms like an ancient Israelite rather than a modern Westerner, you realize quite quickly how the imperatives of worship would have hit the gathered body.  The commands would have been heard as a call to corporate action

Another great post by Zac Hicks on why corporate (i.e. my own body, and the united body of the local church congregation) actions are biblical, historical, and good for the soul.

Worship is more than an experience with God?

I’m growing fond of Zac Hicks’ blog on worship.  His latest post details how a worship service is more than just an encounter or experience with God – though it certainly is that – but also an encounter with the Church.

You see, tradition and liturgy aren’t just cool, trendy, hip, upper crust, urban “worship accessories” for Catholics, Anglicans, the Orthodox, and the Protestant intelligentsia.  They serve to cause in worship a deep connection to and encounter with the Church.  Perhaps that’s what’s so enticing about tradition and liturgy for many—the intangible, weighty mystery that we’re connecting with a deep, ancient Community.  Yes, it’s a bit “mystical.”  But so is the Holy Spirit—the one who draws us together into this Community and fills us to bethe Church.

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